3721.11 – Symmetric Lines

The lines LL and KK are symmetric to each other with respect to the line y=xy = x. If the equation of LL is y=ax+by = ax + b with a0a \neq 0 and b0b \neq 0, then the equation of KK is

a. 1ax+b\frac{1}{a}x + b

b. 1ax+b-\frac{1}{a}x + b

c. 1axba-\frac{1}{a}x-\frac{b}{a}

d. 1ax+ba\frac{1}{a}x+\frac{b}{a}

e. 1axba\frac{1}{a}x-\frac{b}{a}



e. 1axba\frac{1}{a}x-\frac{b}{a}

You can pick a couple of values for aa and bb and graph the lines to verify that your answer is correct.