1000.56 – Yearbooks Meet Bookworm

After you graduated, you put the yearbooks you bought over the four years of HS on a bookshelf as in the figure: freshman yearbook, then sophomore, junior, and senior yearbooks. Each hardboard cover is 4 mm thick (4 mm each front and back), and the pages total 14 mm in thickness per yearbook. The yearbooks just sit there for quite a while until a bookworm starts chomping away on them. It begins on page 1 of the freshman yearbook and munches in a straight line until it reaches the last page of your senior yearbook. How many mm does it travel?



Visualize where page 1 of the freshman yearbook and the last page of the senior yearbook are located on the shelf. The bookworm eats through

4+(4+14+4)+(4+14+4)+4=524 + (4 + 14 + 4) + (4 + 14 + 4) + 4 = 52

millimeters. At least according to the problem (!), the worm does not eat any pages of the freshman or senior volume.