Stella's Stunners

Non-Routine Mathematics Problems for Middle and High School Students

Rudd Crawford sitting at a table with two students, discussing math problems.

Welcome to a library of more than 700 engaging and challenging mathematics problems, arranged for easy access by topic, with numerous suggestions for using them with students.

Here are three links.

  • Getting Started Quickly: for getting a handful of problems into your students' hands right away.
  • Guided Tour: basic information about problems, index numbers, and problem sets
  • Foreword: lays out the website for you in detail and explains the rationale for its existence.

Since this website is all about solving problems, we start by inviting you to doff your teacher hat and to take some time to play with a few problems selected just for you.

Stella NumberProblem Title
1040.11Ten Peach Trees
1610.11One Million
1550.18Jacob's Bumper
3060.51Red and Blue Point Line Segment
3420.29Midline Triangle

Think about how you're thinking as you work on them; think about how you feel when you get one or when you get stuck.

When you've had enough of that for now, we suggest you go back to some of the major sections of the user guide.